The Exponential Festival Coming to NYC this January

The Exponential Festival will open for it's third year this coming January. The festival is a month long experimental art festival showcasing works, both in progress and finished. Each showcase is hosted independently by each venue and tickets start at just $10.00. 

In 2016, The Exponential Festival was founded by Theresa Buchheister. This initiative was created as a way to connect experimental artists, specifically in Brooklyn. Through this festival she hopes to create a stronger sense of community with those who produce experimental art. Like many artistic scenes, there is a high amount of competition for audience, and funding. Buchheister wanted the festival to act as a reminder of the community aspect of the art. Both 2016 and 2017 festivals were huge successes! This coming year the festival will be expanded into Manhattan.

You can find more information on the festival at and email Scott Davis, for tickets. 

Scott F Davis, an artist featured in the festival, is showing a new piece at The Glove in Bushwick. His show will be running Janurary 16-18. The piece is titled In the depths of LAVA: an ode to Richard Foreman. Richard Foreman is an experimental artist that Davis has drawn much inspiration from as a theatre maker. Through a lengthly Interview with Foreman, Davis discussed his connection to Lava, written 40 years ago. This interview has directly inspired the piece on showcase during the festival.

Foreman's last piece, Old Fashioned Prostitutes at The Public was performed in 2013. He now spends most of his time working on European films. 

Davis has married two larger concepts to explore the human psyche. In the depths of LAVA is a reconstruction of Foreman’s meditation piece, LAVA. This reconstruction sets the piece in 1953 where the CIA administered LSD as part of Project MkUltra. The piece takes an inside look at these experiments and how they reshaped the identity of 3 human subjects. The piece follows a salesman, a housewife, and a WWII vet during the experiment and we witness a deep awakening occur. The festival will act as a workshop for the piece in it's first draft.

In the depths of LAVA: an ode to Richard Foreman


Directed by Scott F Davis

Movement Directed by Carlo Villanueva 

Designed by Tanner Simpson (Lighting/Sound) , Yamila Chiappe (Scenic) and John Erickson (Video)

Assistant Directed by Avery Stray


Keith Boratko

Amber Jaunai 

Alec Funiciello 

Polina Ionina

For tickets contact Scott F Davis:

Visit for more information on the festival

Trevor Chauvin