R-E-S-P-E-C-T at the Stage Door. 5 Reminders of Stage Door Love

I am all too familiar with the thrill of watching some of the brightest stars on Broadway and rushing to the stage door in hopes of capturing a meeting and immortalizing it with a signature and selfie. As of late, through first hand experience, and by other eye witness account we have noticed the simple concept of manners and etiquette fade. It is easy to get excited and fan-girl when you see Ben Platt stumble out of the stage door after a gut wrenching performance of Tony Award winning, Dear Evan Hansen, or melt when Andrew Ranallds flashes that smile after you've been drooling over his thighs in those shorts. 

At a recent performance of Dear Evan Hansen, some super fans were waiting at the stage door for the cast. As Michael Park, currently playing Larry Murphy, was making his rounds at the barricades signing Playbills. Broadway superstar, Lin Manuel Miranda, walked out of the theatre across the street. The fans abandoned Michael mid picture to swarm the Tony winning composer and star. Michael later tweeted his disappointment. 


Many fans out poured support for the actor. We have decided to remind people of some do's and don't's when it comes to the stage door, and the talented actors who bring to life our favorite shows. 

1. Remember, Actors, Crew, and Musicians are Human Beings

It goes without saying, but it seems it's easy to forget. The actors aren't required to come out and say hello, take picture, and sign autographs. Often shows can be exhausting! Be kind, say 'hello' to  pit players, techs, and chorus members. They are part of the magic too. 

2. Be Patient

Often times actors have friends or family visiting. Sometimes actors like to take a little time to wind down after a tough show. Be patient! Your patience will be rewarded with a great selfie to make all your friends back home jealous. 

3. Anticipate and Consolidate

Have your sharpie out, your camera ready, and your smile one. The actors are humans with lives to get back to. Make your interaction pleasant and quick. This helps those waiting around you and makes things much easier on your tired performer. Don't bring a huge stack of things for the actor to sign. They have many people to see!


4. Be Kind to Fans Around You

Those around you are excited and pumped to meet the cast at the stage door too. Don't be rude or push people around. Who know? You might make a new friend or find someone to snag the perfect picture for you!


5. Respect

Respect the actors time, current project, and feelings. Respect those around you. 


Remember these guidelines, and have a great time! It's easy to get carried away in the excitement. Actors come out because they love meeting fans as much as you love meeting them! Keep the love and respect flowing and it will be a great time for everyone! 

Trevor Chauvin