The Business of Being a Dog Begins Fundraising for Production


The Business of Being a Dog is a new web series and has begun a crowd funding campaign in hopes to be produced! Creator, Michael Hall Lindsey is a New York based actor, singer, dancer and co-founder, with Mark Merritt, of DOYOUTHINKHESAURUS Productions. 

DOYOUTHINKHESAURUS Productions wants to create a wide range of film content spanning all genres and platforms, while providing a safe environment for all sexes, races, and cultures to tell their stories and impact the world.

Big sponsors already include Kong, and Mission 50 Work Spaces, you could be next! With just under a month to reach it's $6,000 goal, The Business of Being a Dog is reaching out to you for help! With thrilling incentives, such as a role as an extra, special thanks in the credits, and a VIP day on set, it makes giving fun! You can make your donation here


Take a look inside Barkshire Hathaway, a failing dog toy company run by their best customers... dogs (but played by humans!) as they go about their daily lives with balls, bones, and business meetings. The heart of our story follows Marty and Sam, the heads of Research and Development. Sam, the neurotic genius, has a new product that he is sure will benefit all caninekind while his partner and puphood friend, Marty, is often tasked with keeping Sam grounded in reality. These loyal companions pitch the product to RJ, their fearsome CEO, who steers a tight ship and gives these canines an insane deadline for the product to reach market. The clock is ticking and everyone’s job is on the line, including Sam, Marty, and RJ. Follow these lovable pups as they deal with life, love, and SQUIRRELS!

What Makes the Show Unique

Inspired by the likes of The Office and Parks and Rec, actors channel their inner beast as we replace your friendly neighborhood officemates with their canine counterparts. Like Wilfred and Bojack Horseman, we anthropomorphosize animals and put them in a human-like world.

Check out our show page for more info!

Meet the Team


Taylor Coriell (Producer)

Taylor is a New York-based actor, writer, producer, and redhead who hails from Kentucky. She has appeared in film, commercials, theater, and various web series. In addition to her work as an actor, Taylor also creates comedic web content that promotes interesting and complicated characters for women and minorities. 

Check out the pilot for her first show, You're the Pest!- a finalist in last year's Sundance Institute | Youtube New Voices Lab, and a recipient of Big Vision Empty Wallet's Kickstart Diversity program.




Shane Salk (director)

Shane is a New York City based performer and director. He has created and produced works featuring such as Michael Emerson (Person of Interest), as well as Emmy winners Rob Paulson and Maurice La Marche (Pinky and The Brain). In 2009 he co-created the award winning podcast, We're Alive which gathered international success with over 50 million downloads.  Some of his favorite comedy projects include Moving Millie, as well as the comedy television pilot So Then, Tell Me. He has had the opportunity to be behind and in front of the camera for both projects as the appeared in international festivals.

Trevor Chauvin