Composition of a Woman, Tackles Ideas of Beauty and Perfection In New Staging


The concept of beauty has morphed and changed from decade to decade, this is apparent with a glance through art history. From the Mona Lisa, to The Birth of Venus, female beauty has been redefined again and again.

Can the modern day woman stand the test of time against some of histories most timeless beauties?

Composition of a Woman, by Maren Lavelle examines just that. Composition of a Woman is a courtroom style play in which iconic beauties, from world renowned works of art, judge an ordinary woman on her own beauty. Some of the classic beauties include Frida Khalo, Mona Lisa, and Venus herself. This play provides a critical look at beauty standards and judgment through historic and modern lenses. Does she make the cut?


Any/Sara- Gina DeMay

Frida/Cassie- Rebeca Rad

Venus- Liana Wright-Mark

Freedom- Ashley Scott

Anna- Annabel Capper

Mona- Dana Levinson

Stage Directions- Amber Catherine


Maren Lavelle is an new emerging playwright. Graduating from Pace University, Ms. Lavelle, originally an acting major, transitioned to writing late in her college career. Pace, where director Scott Davis discovered Lavelle, began his professional relationship with her. The two began to work together as they cultivated their crafts in the collegiate setting. The positive collaborative energy is what leads them to the staging of the new play. 

Composition of a Women, being a new play, went through an intense workout to prepare it for audiences, went through 3 days of intense workshops. The workshops allowed for writer and director to get a feel for flow of plot and allowed time to work out kinks they may have found. After some table work and a read through, the play then went through an intensive physical workshop where the play was put on it's feet, again checking for flow and cohesive story telling. These processes provided great insight for both Davis, and Lavelle in preparation for the upcoming showing in late August. Finally, in late July, Lavelle made some minor rewrites and tweaks in preparation for it's upcoming staging. Both feel that the piece is in great shape and ready for the next step in its journey to the stage.

Composition of a Woman can be seen at 440 Lafayette Studios, Black Box Theater (4th floor) (Across from The Public Theatre) on August 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm. Admission is free. RSVP here.

Scott Davis (Director)

Scott completed his undergraduate degree at Pace School of the Performing Arts and is a graduate of the B.A. Directing program .  Scott has had the opportunity to direct numerous productions at Pace,  such as Self-Accusation, Nocturne, Hair, Electra, and Bent. While studying at Pace, Scott had the opportunity to assistant direct the Off-Broadway production of Songbird at 59e59 and TW 1982 at Walkerspace. Scott also has taken work internationally to The Accidental Festival in London and The Sibiu Festival in Romania.

In June 2017, Scott was the Festival Director for The Tennessee Williams Festival at The Duo Multicultural Arts Center. The festival produced later one acts of Williams as well as select poetry and panel discussions with Michael Wilson and Jeff Cowie, Austin Pendelton, Nicole Paola Lazaro, Anne Garcia-Romero, Nicole Pandolfo, and Maren Lavelle.

Maren Lavalle (Playwright)


If Aaron Sorkin's rhythmic dialogue and Lena Dunham's intimate honesty had an illegitimate love child, Maren would be the result. A multi-disciplinary and versatile artist, her talents have spanned from writing to directing to acting and from the stage to the screen. A graduate of Pace University's BFA Acting Program, and an original member of the José Rivera Writer's Group, Maren is a Brooklyn based playwright and screenwriter, as well as a director and actor. Plays she's written have been performed at The Sheen Center among other venues, productions and readings of plays she's directed have spanned across lower Manhattan, and she has performed with a range of collaborators in various plays, be they classical or contemporary. 

A true nomad of the Northeast, Maren was uprooted often in her early life and is looking forward to the nomadic prospects of her future bi-coastal lifestyle. Wanting all eyes on her from the day she came out of the womb, Maren was naturally drawn to performing onstage. As her love of reading and her interest in studying scripts evolved, Maren came to realize that writing was one of the most powerful forms of expression and one where she felt most influential in her art. She has since developed and trained for all of her creative skills and aims to continue letting them inform and serve each other throughout her career.

A strong proponent of the "make your own work" ideal, Maren is doing just that. From writing plays and putting them up herself, to collaborating with other driven artists on web-series, installation pieces, and the like, she is already in charge of her own writing and performing environment. A little bit of self-motivation goes a long way, and Maren happens to have a lot of it.

Trevor Chauvin