Live Recording #2: Bildungsroman: The Songs of Robbie Torres

Composer/Lyricist Robbie Torres presents an evening of original music performed by the next generation of Broadway's brightest. Bildungsroman is a debut concert covering the evolution of Robbie's writing and the stories behind his songs. The band includes Robbie Torres and Arri Lawton Simon on piano, Brian Barone on guitar, Jonathan Bloomfield on violin and Ansel Isaac Cohen on cello. Feb 2, 2015 SET LIST for Bildungsroman: The Songs of Robbie Torres 1. HERE (Morgan Assante, Spencer Kiely) 1:16 2. ANDREW (Corey Desjardins) 5:12 3. I DO (Samantha Carroll, John McLaughlin) 9:05 4. BLUE JASMINE (Matha Wasser) 12:33 5. THE MEETING (Samantha Carroll, Robbie Torres) 16:20 6. I’M A FAN OF SUMMER (Spencer Kiely) 19:40 7. THE LETTER (Christian Lane Green) 25:25 8. JOE’S SONG (Robbie Torres) 30:15 9. RAIN (Robbie Torres, Christian Lane Green) 32:54 10. BLACK AND BLUE (Robbie Torres, Alison Alampi, Jessica Zaambrotta) 36:00 11. NOWHERE, SOMEWHERE (Andrew Barbato, Nathaniel Beliveau) 41:22 12. I HOPE YOUR FACE ISN’T JUST A MEMORY (Mike Schwitter, Morgan Assante) 45:00 Close out: 49:17 THE LION Musical: On The Twentieth Century: 2 For 1 Tickets OFF BROADWAY WEEK FEBRUARY 23-MARCH 8:

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